About us

Titou & Lili is a children’s lifestyle brand, started by Astrid de Saint Anthost and Kimberly Messano, who met 6 years ago while working together at Astrid’s textile design company, Le Studio Anthost. They wanted to bring their mutual passion and expertise in textile design, color and illustration to the ever expanding industry of unique and exceptional items for children. Blending Astrid’s nostalgia for Paris and Kimberly’s nostalgia for the simple illustrative stories of her youth, they created the world of Titou and Lili. As the main characters, they are featured on each of the products showcasing their innocent and michievous adventures with their animal friends, such as Monsieur Lapin, Titou’s best friend, and Mademoiselle Elephante, Lili’s tea partner. The designers are inspired by the children around them, a Parisian pre 1950’s aesthetic and a subtle and calming color palette with surprising accents of pop colors.

Bienvenue dans le Monde des Titou & Lili!